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Learn-to-Read Kit-2: Phonics, Decoding & Fluency * SAVE an additional 10% plus FREE US SHIPPING-A576 [Ages 5-11+]

Learn-to-Read Kit-2: Phonics, Decoding & Fluency * SAVE an additional 10% plus FREE US SHIPPING-A576 [Ages 5-11+]

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FUN: It’s not only educationally based, but it’s FUN. We know that learning to read takes practice. Practicing is hard. Research shows that we learn only when we’re engaged. And we’re most engaged when we’re having fun.

ENGAGING: The same group of characters – the Tuesday family, starring Tiger Tuesday – appear in all of the stories. Children quickly identify with them and learn about all of the characters, becoming part of the residents of Tuesday Street. Thurman and Marshmallow, Tiger’s pet dog and frog, are special favorites.

STUDENT-CENTERED: Beginning readers need to practice. The “Learn-to-Read” kits provide a variety of options to choose from in order to practice. There are games like Go-Fish, Memory, War and more. There are stories, plays and activity sheets. It’s not how they get the practice that matters, just that they do.

COMPREHENSIVE: As with some reading programs on the market, there are books and worksheets and games focused on phonics, but only The “Learn-to-Read” kits connects stories, worksheets (to learn and practice writing), with games and plays, more effective than anything else in improving reading fluency. Every activity supports development of one or more of the five pillars of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency.

FLEXIBLE & CONVENIENT: All you need is here. Every activity needed for learning to read is included and every element of the program can be adapted for use with one child, with small groups, and even whole classrooms. Plus it comes with a Parent and Teacher Guide and a sturdy cloth bag for easy storage (while supplies last).

Chapter Books
611 Tiger Tuesday and the Hilltop Heroes
612 Tiger Tuesday and the Hilltop Heroes--The Case of the Sleeping Skunk
Activity Books with answers supplied
601 CVC FunBook
602 VCE FunBook
603 Vowel Digraphs FunBook
604 R-Controlled Vowels FunBook
605 Diphthongs FunBook
SuperDeck Card Games
C601A Short Vowel 3 Letter CVC Words
C602A Long Vowel VCE Words
C603AB Long Vowel Digraph Words
C129 Reading Fluency 2
C130 Prefixes and Suffixes
C604A R-Controlled Vowel Words
C605AB Diphthong Pattern Words

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