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Hebrew Vowels (6-deck pack) A128H

Hebrew Vowels (6-deck pack) A128H

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Students learn 10 of the most important Hebrew vowels, and develop a strong phonics base, using this six-deck system. Perfect for all grades and levels. 1 ea. of 6 decks. Ages 7 to Adult.

Play any or all of 10+ card games, including Go-Fish, Memory, War and Crazy Eights, with every deck. Everything is included. Click to view Easy Directions.


  • C102A Hebrew Vowels 1a (Text & Picture Hints)
  • C102B Hebrew Vowels 1b (Only Picture Hints)
  • C102C Hebrew Vowels 1c (No Hints)
  • C105H Hebrew Words 1 (uses vowels from Vowels 1 decks)
  • C103H Hebrew Vowels 2 (No Hints)
  • C107H Hebrew Words 2 (uses vowels from Vowels 2 deck)

Each deck contains 52 standard size cards, 3.5 x 2.25 in. (includes 48 playing cards, directions card, list card and monster card).