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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, your question will be answered. If not, please use the CONTACT US link above or call 845.628.7910


Q: Are SuperDeck™ games for home or school?

A: For both. They’re perfect to play at home or at school. It's common for tutors or teachers to assign fun-to-do homework using SuperDecks.


Q: Can they be used in a classroom setting?

A: Yes. Provide one Superdeck for each group of 4 to 6 students.


ALL SuperDecks

Q: Why are these card decks called SuperDecks?

A: The child can play four to six different games with each deck. That means players learn the same material no matter which game(s) they choose to play. This variety keep the players interested and engaged.


Q:  How do Superdecks differ from flashcards?

A: Flashcards rely on instant recall. SuperDecks engage the child because they’re playing card game variations that they enjoy. It's interesting that they learn without realizing it. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with using flashcards. In fact, it's common for SuperDecks to be used as flashcards to drill. But, as far as learning goes, using them to play games, that the players want to win, increases motivation and engagement.


Q: I've noticed that other decks are larger in size. Aren't larger cards better?

A: The size of the cards has nothing to do with learning value. The size of the Super Decks are the same size of standard bridge cards. This size is perfect for child-size hands. In addition, teachers requested they be this size so that they fit on school desks and tables.


Q: How many can play?

A: 2 to 6 players depending on the game you choose. War is limited to 2 players. Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid and Crazy 8s can be played with 2 to 6+ players, all with the same deck.


Q: Does an adult need to play with the child?

A: Yes and no. If the decks are used to practice or reinforce material, it's perfectly fine for children to play without an adult (or older child). However, if they're being used to introduce new material, an adult (or older) player or observer is a good idea.


PHONICS SuperDecks

Q: How do I know which Phonics Superdeck to buy?

A: If they're being used to teach reading, use the decks in color order, starting with yellow, light blue, red, blue, purple, green and orange. If the child needs to improve fluency, use Reading Fluency 1 and 2. Once the child  has completed the Phonics Card Games, The General Knowledge Superdecks are great for improving reading and fluency, because they are based on topics that kids find interesting.


Q: Can you be more specific re. which Phonics Superdeck I need for my child?

A: If the child needs to improve decoding skills, and you don’t know which Superdeck would help the child the most, download our easy-to-use Strong Learning Reading Inventory (SLRI). It provides clear guidelines for choosing the most appropriate Phonics Superdeck based on a child’s level.


MATH SuperDecks

Q: How do I know which Math Superdeck to buy?

A: Decide which title best meets the child’s needs. For example, if the child is just learning addition facts, Addition Superdeck is excellent for practice. Same with subtraction, multiplication and division. Or if the child is learning how to count money, Money Superdeck is the perfect game to have fun while practicing.



Q: What Reading Level is the General Knowledge Superdecks on?

A: The reading level in the top portion (the part used in play) varies. The reading level for the center portion (not required for play), range from 3rd to 5th grade.



Q: Are the Learn-a-Language Superdecks for children learning a foreign language or for children to learn English?

A: Both


Q: What age level is appropriate for the Learn-a-Language Superdecks?

A:  They are perfectly suited for any age, from children to adults. However, players need to be comfortable in one of the languages. For example, those who are English speakers can use them to learn another language; those who are fluent in Spanish, or other language, can use them to learn English.