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Advanced Fluency SuperDeck 12-Pack * SAVE 10% * A619S

Advanced Fluency SuperDeck 12-Pack * SAVE 10% * A619S

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(Ages 8-11+) SKU A619S

Reading success thru play begins with these 12 Advanced Fluency decks. Not just a catch-phrase, you'll see that when kids play these games, reading happens. They don't even realize they're reading the whole time, all they know is they're having fun playing, and they want to win!

Each deck includes 48 playing cards plus rule, word list and directions cards. This assortment includes one each of these 12 decks.

"Y" as a Vowel
Soft & Hard "C" & "G"
VC Blends Endings NG & NK
Open & Closed Syllables
Words Ending in "LE"
Word Endings TION & SION
Word Endings TURE & OUS
Silent Consonants KN, CK, GN, MB, WR & DG
Prefixes and Suffixes
3 Syllable Challenge Words
4 & 5 Syllable Challenge Words

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