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Phonics & Fluency

Learning resources that are both fun and engaging.  Kids want to interact with our games, activities and plays which is exactly why they learn.  They don't realize they are practicing over and over again.  

Phonics and fluency activities help students learn to read and improve fluency from CVC to multisyllabic words.  Activities work together so students can apply what they've learned.

Our card games are not flashcards as students can play over 10 different games with each deck such as Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo, Crazy Eights, etc. 
Kids don't realize they are LEARNING!

Ages 4-11+ Use alone or with the coordinated Reading/Phonics Decks.

Orton-Gillingham based. Use with any Reading Program: Wilson, etc., Grades: PreK-HS.

Used by: Title 1, Reading Teachers & Tutors, Dyslexia Specialists, Speech Therapists, ESL/ESOL/ENL.

Download Free Phonics Assessment and in two minutes learn which activities to use to help your student succeed.

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