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Learn Yiddish

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Learn the most popular, and fun-to-use, Yiddish words and phrases. Find out for yourself why Yiddish is such a colorful language, that words and phrases continue to work their way into our everyday English usage.

Good clean fun for grown-ups of all ages from 12 to 120. Play fun & easy-to-learn games including Go-Fish, Memory & Bingo, with every deck. And, brush up on your Yiddish while you play.

The following is real dialog of four alteh-kockers playing a spirited game of go fish. (The directions say that the Meaning and Examples are not part of playing the game. However, reading them during play is a lot of fun, especially if the readers are good at using a thick accent!)

Leah asking: "Does anyone have have 'oy g'vald?'"
Sander responding: "Yes. My card says it means, a 'cry of distress.'" As he hands the card to Leah he asks her to read the example on her card.
Leah, [reading from her card with a Jewish accent]: “Oy g’vald! You don’t remember where we parked either?”
Leah asking: "Does anyone have "Gai klap zich kop in vant! Miriam: "Yes. My card says it means, 'It’s useless; literally: Go bang your head against the wall! Read the example from your card."
Leah: Reading the example from her card, “As children, whenever we complained of boredom, we always got the same useless advice: [using her best Jewish accent] ‘You’re bored? Gai klap zich kop in vant!’”

Contents: Each deck contains 52 standard size cards, 3.5 x 2.25 in. (includes 48 playing cards, directions card, list card and Old Maid card).

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