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Social Emotional Learning Resources



Social Emotional Learning is critical in childhood development.  There is no question in our minds that its even more critical today and most likely is going to become part of the elementary school curriculum in many districts, once school opens.  

During good times, in order for students to do well in school cognitively, they need to be emotionally and socially healthy first. Many adults are falling apart emotionally and socially during this pandemic. Imagine what’s going on in children’s minds during this time! They can’t play with their friends, can’t be with extended family, need to wear masks when they go out, can’t go to their favorite take-out-food places, may not have enough money or food, or may have lost a loved one. The social and emotional impact, in addition to the cognitive, is great.

Used by: Title 1, ESL, Reading Teachers & Tutors, Dyslexia Specialists, Speech Therapists, and Special Ed Programs.

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